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Welcome to TM Recycling – where we contribute to a more liveable environment for all. TM Recycling is a licensed provider of waste management and recycling solutions.

From our humble beginnings in the recycling industry dating back almost three and a half decades ago, Thanam Industry has since make huge progress from our initial business activities of collecting basic scrap metals to our present achievements in providing totaL solutions for scrap and recycling undertakings.

Scrap metal recycling is a great way to contribute to a greener environment as almost all types of scrap metal can be recycled or reused due to their almost continual usage and life cycles.

Here at TM Recycling, we recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, high temperature alloy, precious metals and electronic wastes. We recover, collect, source, weigh, process and recycle – all through a safe background and condition with compliance with all environmental standards and local regulatory bodies.

Welcome To Tm Recycling - Where We Contribute To A More Liveable Environment For All.


Paper recycling refers to the process of turning waste papers into new paper products. Generally, there are few categories of paper that can be used for making recycled papers.


We are collecting copper wires, unused wires, cables and computer parts. People usually throw away hard disks, cell phones, electrical cables into the trash can. 


Of what good use is an old scrap car in your garage? If your car is not fit to be on the roads anymore, consider selling it off to scrap car dealers. 


E-waste recycling is crucial preventing toxic materials in business electronic equipment being drained and channeled into the environment. 

Here at TM Recycling, we welcome all your enquiries on our services. Talk to us today on how you too can contribute towards recycling efforts while making returns for your wastes.

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