TM Recycling’s started as a family-run business more than 35 years ago. Through these three generations of professionalism and dedication to our work, we have since grown to be a full-fledged solutions provider for the recycling of scrap metals while staying true to our long-proven business approaches and philosophy.

We now employ a total workforce of about 30 employees at our 1-acre warehouse in Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur.

TM Recycling works with a variety of customers ranging from individuals, to tradesmen to large corporate companies. We regard our solutions to metal scrap recycling as an opportunity to initiate or make known to the public the cost effective alternatives to expensive and wasteful landfill disposals; also to promote an impressive environmentally responsible message.

TM Recycling believes in not only providing the best price and service but also in making it easier for customers to sell their scraps and e-wastes at their convenience.


Delivery Services

To provide efficiency and effectiveness in management and deliverance of services.

Corporate Branding

To achieve corporate branding as being a business entity that balances excellent services and business integrity.


To have mutually rewarding partnerships based on respect and support for the community, employees, customers, living environment and the general public.


Business Solution

To provide all our customers with an unparalleled business service.

Rare Industry Services

To provide all our customers with an unparalleled business rarely seen in this industry.

Solution Provider

We are your preferred scrap metal solutions provider.

Get paid with your scrap

Here at TM Recycling, we welcome all your enquiries on our services. Talk to us today on how you too can contribute towards recycling efforts while making returns for your wastes.

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